Pete LuPiba

Primary Points Of Contact

Pete LuPiba

Public Affairs Officer,

25 South Front Street, Columbus, OH, 43215

pete.lupiba@education.ohio.gov, ph 614.728.7728


Karen Paschal, Ohio Department of Education

25 South Front Street, Columbus, OH, 43215


ph 614.387.0146

Danny Eakins, Ohio Dept of Veterans Services,

77 South High Street, Columbus, OH, 43215

daniel.eakins@dvs.ohio.gov, ph 614.728.4925

Andrea Attaway-Young, School Liaison Officer

88 ABW/CVL, 2000 Albrook Drive, Area C, Building 2, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, 45433


ph 937.656.0942

Education Designee

Pete LuPiba, Public Affairs Officer, Ohio Department of Education


Chief State School Officer

Paolo Demaria, State Superintendent, Ohio Department of Education


Military Family Education Liaison

Danny Eakins, Policy Administrator, Ohio Department of Veterans Services


Military/DoD Representative

Andrea Attaway-Young, School Liaison Officer, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


State Council Members

Pete LuPiba, Ohio Commissioner, Public Affairs Officer, Ohio Department of Education


Senator Lou Terhar, Ohio State Senate


Senator Kenny Yuko, Ohio State Senate


Representative Terry Johnson, Ohio State House of Representatives


Representative Michael Sheehy, Ohio State House of Representatives


Ken Baker, Executive Director, Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators


Shari Obrenski, First Vice President, Ohio Federation of Teachers


Jared Shank, Director, Military and Apprenticeship Initiatives and Special Projects


Susan Bogan, Survivor Outreach Service Coordinator, Ohio National Guard


Karen Paschal, Administrator, Ohio Department of Education


Chip Merkle, Youth Specialist, Youth Program, Ohio National Guard


Theresa Ferrari, Extension Specialist, Ohio 4-H Youth Development


Susan Boggs, School Counselor, Tolles Career Center, Ohio School Counselor Association


John Magee, Consultant, Ohio Department of Education (Special Education)


Andreana Tartt, Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services


Jason Durells, School Counselor and Marine Veteran, Olentangy Local Schools


Andrew Seward, Ohio National Guard


Mark Scherer, Ohio National Guard


Chad Wyens, Superintendent, Mad River Local Schools


Krista Wagner, Curriculum Director, Mad River Local Schools


William Stratton, Education Services Specialist, US Army Columbus Recruiting Battalion


Debbie Tidwell, Ohio PTA


Rob Delane, Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA)


Julie Davis, Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators (OAESA)


State Council Meetings

Ohio State Council Meeting, May 10, 2017

Ohio State Council Meeting, August 23, 2017

Ohio State Council Meeting, December 13, 2017


State Website

Supporting Ohio's Military Families - Ohio Department of Education



Interstate Compact in Ohio Statute

Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3)

1776 Avenue of The States

Lexington, KY 40511


Phone: 859-244-8000  | Fax: 859-244-8001