Brian E. Riegler

Primary Point Of Contact

Brian E. Riegler, Principal, Waukegan High School

2325 Brookside Avenue, Waukegan, IL 60085, ph 217.351.3954

Education Designee






Chief State School Officer

Dr. Tony R. Smith, State Superintendent, Illinois State Board of Education


Military/DoD Representatives



State Council Members (Illinois P-20 Council)

Brian E. Riegler


Dr. Elizabeth Purvis, Council Chair, P-20 Council, Secretary of Education, Office of the Governor


Dr. Janet Holt, Council Coordinator, Executive Director, Illinois Education Research Council


Dr. Karen Hunter Anderson, Leadership Committee, President and Chief Executive Officer,

Illinois Community College Board


Dr. James Applegate, Leadership Committee, Executive Director, Illinois Board of Higher Education


Jeff Mays, Leadership Committee, Director, Illinois Department of Employment Security Illinois


Dr. Tony Smith, Leadership Committee, State Superintendent, Illinois State Board of Education


Dr. Jose Torres, Leadership Committee, President, Illinois Mathmatics and Science Academy


Eric Zarnikow, Leadership Committee, Executive Director, Illinois Student Assistance Commission


Dr. Randy Dunn, Council Member, President, Southern Illinois University


Roger Eddy, Council Member, Executive Director, Illinois Association of School Boards


Gaylord Gieseke, Council Member, President, Voices for Illinois Children


Kurt Hilgendorf, Council Member, Government Liaison, Chicago Teachers Union


Dr. Erika Hunt, Council Member, Project Director | Illinois State Action for Education Leadership Program (IL-SAELP) | Illinois State University


Debra Kasperski, Council Member, Director, National Board Resource Center


Senator Kimberley Lightford, Council Member, Illinois State Senate


Cordelia "Dea" Meyer, Council Member, Executive Vice President,

Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago


Melissa Mitchell, Council Member, Executive Director, Federation of Community Schools


Ginger Ostro, Council Member, Executive Director, Advance Illinois


Representative Bob Pritchard, Council Member, Illinois State House of Representatives


Mayor Laurel Prussing, Council Member, Mayor | City of Urbana, Illinois


John Rico, Council Member, Chief Executive Officer, Rico Computer Enterprises


Kevin Rubenstein, Council Member, Director of Student Services, Technology and Assessment,

Lake Bluff Elementary School District 65


Jane Russell, Council Member, Executive Board Member, Illinois Federation of Teachers


Rebecca Sherrick, Council Member, President, Aurora University


Audrey Soglin, Council Member, Executive Director, Illinois Education Association


Robin Steans, Council Member, Executive Director, Advance Illinois


Elizabeth Swanson, Council Member, Vice President of Strategy and Programs, Joyce Foundation


Gary Tipsford, Council Member, Superintendent, LeRoy School District #2



Interstate Compact in Illinois Statute

Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3)

1776 Avenue of The States

Lexington, KY 40511


Phone: 859-244-8000  | Fax: 859-244-8001